All our prices are in EURO(€) HT, do not include french V.A.T. (TVA).
    If you would like to convert our selling price EURO(€)to your currency, please kindly click this link.

    When you order, we apply some tax if you live in Europe (There is no tax for shipping address outside Europe).

    The current V.A.T. in France is 19.6%. This V.A.T. applies to every country inside European Union.


    The production and delivery time is about 3~4 weeks (working days).

    For sketches or complicated design (new designs, designs with sequins, beads, feathers or full of stones), we need about 1~2 months for production and delivery.

    In stock products are delivered within 2 days after receiving the payment confirmation.

    *Note: For all express production and delivery request, there will be extra charge for placing your order in priority.


    We try our best to create more dresses at different designs, and try to avoid clients in the same countries to own the same dress. But if you would like to have an exclusive unique dress, we suggest you to send us your pattern, or you can simply change the colour of the dress to avoid having the risk of having the same dress with other competitors.


    1) Why dance dresses are expensive or cheap ?
    We have sometimes encountered our clients complaining our selling prices are too high to them as comparing to ready-to-wear club dancing dress.

    We would like to explain that is due to for competition costume is always "made-to-measure" each piece at one time, not like mass production. So it will need to pay a lot of attention in the detailed sewing techniques, inner bodysuit and dress pattern fit, plus CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements design work for you to be seen from far distance and look good on the dance floor.

    There are many other cheap dress producers copying our designs look or stealing our pictures to sell to their clients, but will mostly cannot generate the same result for the fabric quality, dress fit and the most important skirt movements etc.

    Normally in the current custom ballroom/latin dress market boutique prices in USA and Europe can be up to 2000~5000€/per each custom dress.

    As comparing to super high price or very low quality cheap price, we offer a medium/high competitive price range to help our clients to own their ideal dresses without spending too much money, but still can look glamous on the dance floor!

    2) Different prices for custom dress?
    We categorize our custom designs to be different prices such as :plain dress, dress with motifs, dress with sequins/beads, or dress mixed with different rhinestones.

    Unlike to purchase an expensive custom made dress that normally cost you more than 2000€ or more, we offer you several choices according to your budget and still be able to dress beautifully in our french taste!

    All different prices are listed next to each picture. So you will have better idea and control in doing your own dress without going too far of your expected budget.

    We are a group of international fashion designers in Paris,France. Every item is limited art edition! Please kindly respect our copyright. We do not like to mass produce for 1000 "uniform style" dresses in stock. Because we believe every dancer is unique and special, and should have their own styles of dresses particularly. So please do not try to force us to sell you very low and cheap wholesale prices like retailed apparel store (1 dress 10 euros or lower...) which are impossible for us.

    Please kindly note dancing wear is really very different from ordinaray apparel, it will require more advanced techniques for sewing, fabric selection, and labour work for doing stone pattern.

    For group formation dresses more than 10 or 20 at one time, we can offer you some discounts.Please kindly contact us privatly for discounts.

    We sincerely hope you could understand our efforts in balancing a good quality dress at affordable prices for you!

    3) Dress include with leotard /bodysuit?
    Yes, all our dresses are professional dancing wears, so they are all sewn with leotard inside of the costume.

    Each dress includes the built-in bra cup and metallic snap built-in panty. We also allow our clients to choose different bra cup, but for bra cup size over D,or sometimes up to DD, E etc, we would suggest you to choose less exposed designs to wear your self-own bra cup under the dancewear for the best support. Or you can also send us your own bra cup for us to tailor your dress on it.

    *Note: We are a dress maker, but not a "lingerie seller". Please do not expect us to make the dress EXACTLY as your "lingerie" size which is very expensive and costly for us to stock some many extra large sizes!

    In any case, we will still do our best to do best control and additional care for the choice of bra support for your dancewear, if we have some more inquiry in terms of production, we might contact you from time to time to have the best result of dancewear for you.

    4) Bra cup size ?
    We would strongly advice our clients to inform us your best fit bra cup size in advance, especially if your bra size is over D, or DD cup or more.

    We understand well that you might need more supportive bra cup or straps for your custom dress. The information you have save in your data will be very helpful for us to choose the right size and pay more attention in doing your custom dress for you to dance without worry.

    *Suggestion: For extra large bra cup size client, we would sincerely advice you to send us your self-own bra cup to tailor your dress on it directly to avoid fitting problems afterwards.

    5) Your own design?
    Yes, please send your pictures or sketches to our email directly. After receiving your pictures, we will discuss and follow up with you closely about which fabrics you are interested to use, then send you back our price for production. Normally the original custom made prices will be similar as our sketch luxe prices but vary a little bit by different design details.

    6) What if the dress doesn't fit for me?
    Please be sure to do your measurements correctly followed by our instructions online, and if you have anything not clear, please always ask us during the measurements and production time.

    We try to list pictures of our custom dress in our real model and also the dress form model for you to compare different results. So you can imagine in advance about what the dress might look on you! Usually if the size we have received from your side is correct, the problematic rate is very very low, please kindly feel confidence in shopping with us.

    We are sorry to inform you that a custom made produced dress cannot be returned. We DO NOT ACCEPT any return dress. Thank you!

    7) Copyright of our dresses
    Any specifications, measurements or designs supplied by our clients or any designs specifically produced by Acapulco Paradiso in connection with the purchase of Products together with copyright, design right or any other intellectual property rights shall at all times vest in and remain the exclusive property of Acapulco Paradiso.

    ACAPULCO PARADISO RESERVES THE FULL COPYRIGHT to make any changes to all our category dresses and also any sketches designs provided by us or from our clients.

    Customers who purchased from our website, showroom or exhibitions will be considered as fully acceptance of our company rules and conditions of all our design copyright.


    1) Can I choose any color?
    Yes, you can change any colour you want from our fabric collection online.

    If you have no confidence in your computer screen colour, please send a request to ask for small fabric swatch to check before placing your order. If there are other colours that we haven't listed online, you can also write to us to check availability.

    2) Do we have any size for all the dress?
    Yes, all our dress is made to measure design. So you do not have to worry about the size problems, as long as you follow by our detailed measurement form step by step, we can make the dress fit you perfectly for your dancing.

    3) How can I purchase a custom made dress?
    - You need first to choose the design
    - Then select the color you would like
    - After choosing the color, you can select the decoration you prefer according to your dance level and budget.
    - Next step, confirm your order and fill in the measurement form
    - Finally choose the shipping and payment option.

    4) Do we accept custom design?
    Yes, you can send us your rough sketch or pictures taken from competition (please try to send at big and clear quality picture). Then we can quote you price back to do the dress for you. Please always check your email, because we might need to ask you several times for realizing an ideal dress for you. If necessary, we can fix a phone interview to discuss more in details.

    5) I don't know which style of dress suitable for me ? What can I do?
    Please always email us your pictures and your preference for cosultation of dress. We will listen to your expectation to help you choose the right dress to show your best part of body and hide the place that you don't want to expose too much.


    1) Difference between Classic Crystals and CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements?
    Classic Crystals are made of plastic. They are less shiny and their lifespan is shorter.
    CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements stones are made of crystal. They are the higher quality of stones. They bring more light and brightness under spotlight. Their lifespan is longer than Classic Crystals.
    Therefore your selection will depend on your budget.

    2) Why the dress with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements stones is more expensive?
    This is due to the cost of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements.
    We always use 10 gross (1440 pieces) or sometimes 20 gross (2880 pieces)or more mixed with different colours, size of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements for each custom dress. The price reflects the value of stone itself, design fee,and also labour work to attach the crystal pattern on the dress one by one by hands.

    A professional competition dress will normally require at least 50 gross of different CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements for shine. Those stones will help you more easily to be seen on the dance floor from long distance.

    3) Can I add on the CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements by myself at home?
    Yes, you can purchase CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements stones directly on our website. We propose various colors and sizes. To decorate your dress more easily we also sell stones glue online.

    The advantage of adding stones by us is that we offer professional service to help you do the stones mixed with different colours and sizes for the best shining effect followed your body and the dress movements. It will make you look more differently than a self regularly stoning dress pattern.

    4) Difference between Classic Crystals 1 & Classic Crystals 2 (CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements1, 2,3,4)?
    The difference between Classic Crystals 1 & Classic Crystals 2 means the "budget" you expect to spend for your custom dress. This include the design fee, stone values and the labour working hours on it.

    In order to create aesthetic pattern of your custom dress, we like to mix with different sizes and colours of shining stones to have the best result on your custom dress. So the Korean1 or 2 does not mean that is for 1 gross or 2 gross of stones. You can have a look of our different designs in catalogue. The bold price means listed picture price, so you will have some ideas about how our work result of different budget.

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