You do the dance, we take care the "dress" !

It is far more important to choose a comfortable made-for-dance dress to enhance your movements on the dance floor. With several years of ballroom/Latin dance dresses experiences closely among the dancers, the trainers,and the judges all over the world, we provide our expertise to help you to choose the best dress that fit you well on your important day according to your dance level.

Unlike purchasing a ready-make non-flexible evening dress that will make your dance movement awkward, the ballroom dresses require more specific rules depending on different federation of dance clubs that you are registered in. You might be already stressful during the dance training before the coming of competitions, not mention more the difficulties to coordinate well with your partners, our expertise will assist you to choose the suitable dress that make you stand out from the rest competitors and fit like in the glove to dance without worry.

Carte bleu